Friday, May 15, 2009 revived again!

It has been long since I moved Nishorga from ECWHost to another server. However, the domain's nameserver could not be updated in a timely fashion. I had prepared an application to change the nameserver and was looking for a fax number of BTTB office to send it. Unfortunately, I could not find any working fax number. I got one, tried with that and failed.

My second attempt failed when I emailed the BTTB Internet division requesting for their contact telephone and fax number. The email did not get answered. Finally, I opened the domain registration contract with a hope that some contact information can be found there. Yes, I'd found a telephone number. My hope was dashed when nobody actually picked up the phone.

My parents were visiting Canada and my brother was on a world tour. So there was nobody who could help me on this. Finally, on May 13th, after my parents had returned to Bangladesh, an application was sent to the BTTB office. They gladly changed the nameserver, and they site became live again!

Therefore, I am setting all the requests to to be served by

I know, it will affect Google's search results. But I can accept a temporary loss to gain more in future.

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