Friday, March 10, 2006

Year 2005: A review

I take this opportunity to wish all our readers, contributors, designers, well-wishers and patrons a very happy and prosperous new year.

The last year has been a tremendous success as far as Nishorga's publication and circulation is concerned. Thanks to Shekhar Roy for his continued support with his up-to-date articles and stories that helped keep Nishorga updating every month. It was a good thing that we were able to maintain the site quite well. But we are not fully satisfied as lot of things 'we planned' could not be materialized.

In the past year, we saw Nishorga being referred from many websites dedicated to promoting Bangla and Bangla related contents from all over the world. We have observed record number of hits (30,987) in December which is over a thousand hits every day. People from as many as 60 countries have visited Nishorga in the past year with the USA, Australia, Canada, Bangladesh and Hong Kong being the top 5 in order of hit counts.

Among the articles, Shekhar Roy's Giraffe, Echo-Nargis, and Leopard Butterfly were the most visited. Muntasir Mamun's travelogue on a visit to Saint Martin's Island also got significant hits. Among many sections in Nishorga, photography got the most hits. We need to improve a lot on this section. Especially, we have to put new photos and photography tips here.

In 2006, we are aiming for higher and hope we will achieve our goals gradually with the help and support of all the members (including those who are in the mailing list).

Please visit Nishorga in the New Year and commit yourself to contribute to it. Do something for your environment; it will be a lasting investment for you and your generations to come.

Thank you for being with us and have a wonderful new year.

Enayetur Raheem
Editor, Nishorga

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