Friday, April 7, 2006

Two new species -- parrot, mouse -- found in Phillipines

TWO NEW SPECIES have been found in the Philippines, one of the world's biodiversity hot spots facing environmental degradation and deforestation.

A brightly plumaged parrot and a long-tailed forest mouse unique to the country have been discovered in the vanishing rain forest of Camiguin Island, US-based researchers said yesterday.

Camiguin, a volcanic island in northern Mindanao, is a treasure trove of fauna, and already had endemic species of rodents and frogs before the discovery of the rusty brown mouse and the green hanging parrot, known among locals as 'Colasisi.'

But Camiguin's wildlife is at risk from deforestation, warned researchers, writing in the April 5 issue 'Fieldiana: Zoology,' a peer-reviewed, scientific journal about biodiversity research published by the Chicago-based Field Museum of Natural History.

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