Friday, February 17, 2006

Greenland ice melting faster than thought

Scientists believe Greenland's glaciers are sliding into the ocean much faster than earlier thought, a new report says.

A study of the phenomenon was introduced at a conference in St. Louis, the BBC said. Previously, scientists believed the Greenland ice sheet could melt in about a millennium.

Details of the study by NASA and University of Kansas researchers were reported in the journal Science.

In the study, a comprehensive analysis found that the amount of ice dumped into the Atlantic Ocean has doubled in the last five years, the BBC said. If the ice sheet melted completely, it would raise global sea levels by about 7 meters (23 feet).

Scientists previously suggested it would take many hundreds of years for the Greenland ice sheet to melt completely, but the new data will cut this time line. How much it will be cut is uncertain, the BBC said.


Anonymous said...

if you notice all these sites thats referring to the same information about the greenland ice melting, these sites do not explian how we cannot deal with this problem. "I dont believe we can handle seven feet of water because?" no reason in every web site I have browsed through including BBC news. how can this be a world issue if they cant explian how it will punish us. "Flood, tempurature change" maybe but why do they not explian in full detail.

Enayetur Raheem said...

Well, to me, its so obvious is the consequence of even one feet increase of sea level. This would submerge a huge low-lying areas. For example, Maldives and the costal regions of Bangladesh and other costal areas.

When a portion of land that are livable goes under water, it will have enourmous impact on the ilvelihood of the people living in those areas. They will have to move their belongings to other places and the governments or social organizations have to come forward to rehabilate them and this would involve huge economic cost. As a result, a country in a developing region could be distablised. In summary, humanity will suffer and everybody will have to carry that burden.