Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Experts to Search Bangladesh for Sandpiper - Forbes.com

Experts to Search Bangladesh for Sandpiper
By PARVEEN AHMED , 01.16.2006, 07:51 PM

A team of international bird experts will begin surveying the Bangladeshi coast Tuesday in search of the endangered spoon-billed sandpiper, whose population they believe has dwindled to just 350 pairs in the wild, organizers said Monday.

The spoon-billed sandpiper, a small shore bird with a bill shaped like a teaspoon, lives and breeds in the Russian tundra.

However, after summer they migrate to warmer climates in Asia, and usually spend winters along the coastal areas of Bangladesh, India and Myanmar - after a long, arduous journey of nearly 3,730 miles through Japan, Korea and China, said Christoph Zockler from Cambridge, England who will lead the Bangladesh survey.

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