Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Quarter of Bird Species in Danger of Extinction

By Steve Connor
The Independent
12/14/04 9:54 AM PT

The Stanford study involved analysis of all 9,787 species of birds alive today, and of the 129 species that have gone extinct recently, to produce one of the most comprehensive databases ever compiled on the state of one class of animals.

By the end of the century, one in 10 species of birds in the world will be extinct and a further 15 percent will be on the brink of extinction, according to one of the largest studies of avian biodiversity.

The dire state of birds is documented in a university study which shows their decline will accelerate rapidly in a world of habitat loss, disease, climate change and over-exploitation.

It is estimated that just over 1 percent of bird species have become extinct in the past 500 years, but this is set to increase tenfold over the next 100 years, according to a study led by Cagan Sekercioglu of Stanford University in California." more....

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