Saturday, August 21, 2004

Pollution kills fishes in Bahirab river

The water of the Bhairab river at Noapara-Fultala point has become polluted to the extent that fishes are dying.

Local people told this correspondent that about twenty industries including a tannery on the bank of the Bhairab at Noapara discharge chemical toxic wastes into the river.

Besides, waters of the beels and canals of the surrounding areas polluted by rotting of jute plants fall into the river and get mixed with the toxic materials in the rainy season every year. As a result, some particular varieties of fishes die due to pollution.

Downpours on August 11, 12 and 13 reduced the pollution level to some extent, giving a reprieve to the fishes.

Talking to this correspondent recently, some fisherman in Abhoynagar also confirmed that fishes are dying in the river from pollution.

When contacted over telephone, a teacher of Geography and Environmental Science Department at Khulna University said fishes like shrimp, "bele" and "chewa" , which stay at the bottom of the river, do not get required oxygen due to pollution and are also infected with toxic wastes. The toxic wastes prevent the fishes from getting oxygen at the riverbed, he said.

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