Tuesday, July 6, 2004

26 Dhaka Zoo inmates count their last days

Aged lions roam feely about the moat at the zoo in Mirpur. PHOTO: Syed Zakir Hossain
At least 26 animals awaiting death due to old age at the Dhaka National Zoo in Mirpur.

"Life expectancy for those in captivity is far below than those living freely," said a zoo official. "The average age of animals in captivity ranges between 16 and 65 depending on the species," he added.

The zoo authorities have become cautious of aged animals after the death of a rhino a few months ago

"We have already drawn the attention of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock about these animals, if the animals die it will be natural death, we wont be responsible for it," said Mafizur Rahman, Curator of the Zoo.

The animals ear-marked with age are pairs each of mandrills, elephants and giri baboons; and one each of sambur, tapir, zebra, gayal, horse, chimpanzee, olive baboon, gharial, crocodile, black bear, hyena, great Indian horn bill and ostrich.

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manik said...

every day one or two couples are insulting by the guardman and anser of dhaka zoo.some corrupted authirity are realited wited with them.if they get any couple are scilent place they take money from them byforced.no bisitor can feel secure them inside the zoo area.because officer to labour all employ are corrupted.