Friday, June 18, 2004

Use of polythene shopping bags

Polythene shopping bags are again being used extensively in different markets of the district despite ban. All types of polythene shopping bags including black bags which are more detrimental to human health have again reappeared in the market. The shop keepers after packing different consumer items in polythene shopping bags are giving delivery to the consumers. Different food items e.g. fish, meat, sugar, salt, rice, ata, pulse, spieces etc are being sold in polythene shopping bags. In the confectioneries bread, biscuit, cake, chocolate, noodle etc are being sold in polythene shopping bags. The consumers are bound to take polythene packed items as there are no other alternatives.

The government has imposed a ban on the production, sale and distribution of polythene shopping bags about a year ago. At that time a movement not to use polythene shopping bags was launched by the government in different areas of the country. But within a year the movement has stopped and polythene bags have again revived in the markets. The manufacturers of polythene shopping bags after a year have again started manufacturing polythene shopping bags. The wholesale traders are selling the bags to the grocery, confectionery and other shopkeepers.

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Kamrul Hasan said...

We have no working law in our country, that's why men can break law. I think use of polythene shopping bag is increasing because of the retailers. If we had home delivery system, it could be reduce. What do you think?